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X-Air Plastic OTR VT - VZ

X-Air Plastic OTR VT - VZ


X-Air OTR intakes are the best on the market today! 

Not only do they make 22 - 25 rwkw bolt on alone, but they will increase throttle response, reduce fuel consumption an make the vehicle overall more lively to drive! 

They feature the largest surface area filter from one of the best manufactures in the world and are used on numerous WRC Cars. 

The X-air OTR has been designed to not only pickup the cool, more dense air in front of the vehicle but also create a ram effect, helping the engine to ingest as much oxygen as possible! 

The factory GM LS based engines are very susceptible to intake air temps, pulling as much as 9 degrees of timing with high intake temps! 

Combined with very low overall timing advanced numbers and very rich AFR ratios means with just an OTR and tune you can gain as much as 30-40rwkw. With a decent exhaust and headers you can be into the 250rwkw range! That’s a mighty 325kw at the engine!!!! 

Kit comes with 

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