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Does your VZ V6 NOT START ?

Do you have the SERVICE VEHICLE SOON warning flashing on screen?


VERY LOW FUEL when you know you've got plenty?

These are the common symptoms of the infamous DEAD ECM!

We can supply, delink & relink Holden Commodore VZ V6 ECM's

When these units fail the stop communicating meaning the vehicle will no longer start

"Can I just buy another VZ ecm and plug it in?"

Unfortunately not, the VZ V6 E55 ECM have a very stringent way of implementing vehicle security, meaning they need to be "delinked" from the vehicle they were in so that they can be "relinked" to their new vehicle.

We can delink these ECM's without the need for their original vehicle

We can also supply second hand or re-manufactured ECM's and program them into their new vehicle, you can also send in your existing BCM, PIM, KEYHEAD if you're not in Manawatu and we will program another ECM for you and post back!

Don't pay the $1200-1300 the dealers

want to replace them

Give us a message with your details to see if we have an

ECM ready for you

Commodore VE wont start or relays clicking and dash going crazy?

We are seeing alot of the VE E39 and E77 Ecus failing these days. These are a little harder to diagnose with the range of ways these fail, but none the less they too are not exempt. Give us a call 

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