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We Can Program Holden Commodore ECU's / Memcals!

LS1, LS2, LS3, L98, L76, Alloytec's....

Not only can we supply "mail order" tunes for these flash based ecus, but we can also provide road tuning solutions.


Dyno tuning isn't the be all end all solutions to getting your vehicle tuned to suit your new modifications. With today's knock detection equipment and wideband oxygen sensor capabilities, road tuning is not only a cheaper alternative to dyno run tunes but also net very similar result, this is most true with a lot of our vehicles being knock limited, but also makes sure the tune has been done in "real world" conditions.

Buick 3.8, Ecotec 3.8 or Holden 304/350..

Not a problem, we can supply tunes for these vehicles too.

We are the go-to ecu programmers for engine conversions in jetboats, hotrods, race cars and even limiter smashing burnout and drift cars

VATS deletes

Stand alone setups

Fault code removal

You name it, we do it 

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