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How'd You Do That?

At Holden Diagnostics we can do things that the dealerships cant!

HSV Startup menus on non HSV vehicles?

Custom Shutdown text when the car is off?

Reprogramming KM after the the factory 100km limitation has been reached?

No Problem we have you sorted!

  • Custom Startup screens  - ( HSV or Chevrolet bowtie)

  • Custom text while off eg "Customcom 2004"

  • Engine Type programming

  • Auto to Manual

  • Climate control 

  • Latest fuel sender calibrations

  • Airbag configurations (this will stop airbag warnings when fitting different clusters)

  • PPK Editing

  • Enabling of Police Mode (Digital speedo)

  • Seatbelt warnings on and off

  • Odometer resetting

holden commodore performance upgrades nz
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