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VE Series 2 Reverse Camera Kit

VE Series 2 Reverse Camera Kit


These reverse camera kits intergrate into you factory headunit to provide you with an OEM grade reverse camera


These reverse camera's were optioned out of the factory on up spec VE commodores, now you can have the exact same quality reverse camera fitted to your VE that didnt have one standard!


No longer do you need a seperate screen or mirror fitted to the interior of your vehicle so that you can have the advantages of seeing whats behind you


These units use the original headunit center screen to show you whats behind when selecting reverse,

Plugged into the units video port and automatically enables onced programmed with the supplied flashbox 


Kits come with

Brand new adjustable angle rear JVC reverse camera

Brand new power and video loom plugs

Brand new video plug

Necessary wiring


Installation guide

And Flashbox to program camera to factory headunit


Please select Flashbox option, These flashboxes will program one vehicle only.




Selecting Keep flashbox will add $100 to price

Selcting Return flashbox deposit will add $50 to price but will be credited back to the nominal bank account given





  • Flashbox deposit information

    Flashbox deposit will be returned upon succesfull arrival of flashbox back to Holden Diagnostics Limited in good non tampered with condition, Flashboxes are only good for linking the reverse camera kit to the vehicle its used on.

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