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Body Diagnostics 28day Subscription and ALDL Cable

Body Diagnostics 28day Subscription and ALDL Cable


New Zealand's authorised distributor of Envyous customs! 


This is a 30 day SUBSCRIPTION to Body Diagnostics

(after 30days is over you can repurchase 30 day subscription only for $50) 

BD is a one stop shop for all your body diagnostics and instrument cluster programming needs

With the supplied ALDL Cable it will alow you to connect to your VT , VX , VU , VY , VZ


Body control modules to see:-

Live data

Module details

Veiw fault codes and clear them


Intrument cluster:-

Veiw live data

Veiw and clear fault codes

Program the instrument cluster and change the 

-Engine type, Tranmission and PPK values, Airbag configuration, Enable digital speedo, 

Programming of clusters to display HSV startup screens and enable custom shutdown messages or Chevrolet bowtie startup menu (VY - VZ only)

change fuel sender settings for different senders or tanks in different models


SRS System:- 

Fault code reading

Clear those annoying airbag warnings

Veiw airbag module details and troubleshoot problematic airbag loops

Shows the airbag loops resistance and capacitance values pointing you directly to where a problem may be.


Radio:- (VY-VZ factory units only) 

Veiw fault codes

See live data



Purchase include:- 
ALDL cable 
Software CD with required windows drivers 
Serial number for your selected software 



We can also do AED and BD software packages if required

Minimum Computer Requirements: 

Be no older then 6 years old ( this is just to insure compatibility) 
Processor: 2.0Ghz+ 
Number of Processors: 2 
Ram: 2Gb+ 
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Microsoft frameworks 3, 4, 4.5 
Laptop MUST have a USB port 
CD Drive for installation disc (Downloadable alternative available upon request) 



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